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National Before "I Do" Leaders Certification Training for 2009

>> SEATTLE - MARCH 26, 2009

>> PHOENIX - AUGUST 7, 2009

The makers of Before “I Do” – Preparing for the Full Marriage Experience are proud to announce two National Leaders Certification Trainings in Before “I Do” during 2009. 

The first will occur in Seattle, WA on Thursday, March 26th at the Northwest Ministry Leaders Conference.  The second Certification Training will occur at the Marriage and Family Ministries Conference in Phoenix, Arizona on Friday, August 7th.

K. Jason Krafsky, author of Before “I Do”, will lead the certification training. “We conducted our first Before "I Do" Leaders Certification Training in 2008," said Krafsky. “Participants felt more confident with using Before ‘I Do’ and taking their premarital program to the next level.”

Simon Peter Onaba, a pastor from Uganda who is in the States for a year working with Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Las Vegas attended the first Certification Training. “After the training in Phoenix we immediately sent the recommendations you made and our entire couples ministry is getting revamped.  Canyon Ridge continues to support us. We hope that one day we will have you go down to Uganda and officially launch Before I do.”


No, hundreds of churches, ministries, and counselors now use this interactive, faith-based workbook as their premarital program in class, small group, mentor, one-on-one, and long-distance premarital settings.  While the Certification Training is not required to use Before "I Do", participants will learn to tap Before "I Do" for all it's worth, and then some.


“There are four parts to a successful premarital program: the premarital curriculum, the program facilitators, program procedures, and promotion strategies” Krafsky said. “At the certification, Before “I Do” will be the curriculum focus, but the training will also focus on how to facilitate and work with couples effectively, how to set up the program procedures so couples thrive in their premarital experience, and how to promote the premarital program to the community.”


Surveying & Highlighting Before “I Do”- The eight sections of the book are rich with relationship skills, practical tools, and Biblical insights on the crucial issues couples need before and after the wedding. Receive a general overview of the book, learn the primary focus of each section, including core questions, and special points to emphasize with couples.

Maximizing Before “I Do” in Any Setting - The book is adaptable for every possible premarital format. Discover how to use Before “I Do” for premarital classes, couple to couple mentoring, premarital small groups, pastor-to-couple, and long-distance settings.

Starting and Ending Sessions So Couples Come Back - How a program starts and ends contributes to the participation level of couples. Receive openers and closing remarks for every session, including activities, discussion questions, and fun ideas for in-between sessions.

Using Before “I Do” with Inventories – Before “I Do” can be used as either a standalone program, or to use with an inventory. Learn how to unpack the results from PREPARE, FOCCUS, and the Couple Checkup with couples by using Before “I Do”.

Setting Couples Up for Success- Want couples to show up for your premarital program on time … with their work completed … ready to participate? Learn necessary procedural steps your program must have to engage the engaged couples in your premarital experience.

Understanding Marriage Investor Do’s & Don’ts- Before “I Do” makes life a lot easier for the Marriage Investor (clergy, counselor, mentor, chaplain, educator), because the book does so much of the instructional heavy lifting. Whether you work directly with the couples or oversee the program, there are do’s and don’ts in working with this generation of marrying couples you ought to know.

Handling Sticky Issues with Confidence (& Your Convictions Intact) – Bet you didn’t learn how to handle cohabitation in seminary! What about remarriages, or relationships with kids from a prior relationship? Unique issues arise, and without a clear plan on what to do, the issues will be a source of frustration and anxiety. Learn how to handle sticky issues with a good attitude, tangible plans, and your convictions intact.

Answering FAQ’s on All-Things Premarital- There will be a time to ask anything related to premarital, ranging from marketing to leadership development, from volunteer recruitment to whatever comes to mind.

K. Jason Krafsky is excited about the Certification Trainings. “The pastors, counselors, chaplains, mentors, and lay leaders who attend the training are going to walk away with helpful tools, free resources, discounts on future books, and some special extras! More importantly, they will walk away with confidence and a greater sense of purpose for their premarital ministry.”


“Couples give high marks to Before ‘I Do’s’ content on their evaluation forms at the end of their premarital.” –premarital lay leader

“My daughter recently became engaged and I gave her and her fiancé copies of Before ‘I Do.’ (You should consider that as a very strong endorsement!)” - senior minister

“Before ‘I Do’ is the best pre-marital material I have ever seen! This curriculum leads the couple on a journey that…brings about "real marriage reactions" and …the focus of the counseling is off of you, and onto material that works!” –youth pastor

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