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A Dozen Signs Your Premarital Program Misses the Mark

by K. Jason Krafsky

1. Divorce lawyers contact you looking for leads on clients.

2. After the wedding, you never see or hear from the couple again.

3. The woman cancels the pre-marital appointment claiming, “the dog ate my fiancé.”

4. In their thank you note, the couple thanks you for performing their wedding and asks for counseling referrals.

5. Your church web site mentions nothing about your pre-marital program.

6. The thought of conducting pre-martial education causes you to fill out a prayer request form … for yourself.

7. You use the same pre-marital program today that you were using when the first President Bush was in office.

8. You assign more book reading to couples than a 400-level college course in Classical Literature.

9. The numbers of divorces are growing in your church.

10. During the pre-marital session, the couple daydreams about sitting in the Department of Motor Vehicles’ waiting room to renew their license tabs.

11. At the rehearsal dinner, the couple rattles on about the difference Dr. Phil’s TV show made in their relationship.

12. You don’t have a pre-marital program.


K. Jason Krafsky is the author of Before “I Do” – Preparing for the Full Marriage Experience (Turn the Tide Resource Group – www.FullMarriageExperience.com).  As a marriage junkie, Jason supports his habit by training leaders on marriage issues, writing articles and books on marriage and family relationships, coaching communities, churches, and ministries on marriage strengthening  strategies, and teaching couples about relationship issues.  Jason’s ultimate fix comes from his wife Kelli. They live in the foothills of Washington’s Cascade Mountains with their four children. Contact him at kjasonk@fullmarriageexperience.com.

Copyright © 2006 by K. Jason Krafsky - Permission granted to use and reproduce with proper source citation.


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