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Before "I Do" - Preparing for the Full Marriage Experience

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Before “I Do” - Preparing for the Full Marriage Experience is an interactive workbook that prepares couples to go the distance and experience all marriage has to offer!

In a day and age where too many marriages end in divorce, Before I Do provokes personal introspection and fosters dynamic couple interaction through its short, power-packed exercises.

After reading Before "I Do," couples walk down the aisle and exchange their vows with greater confidence, a broader understanding of their future, and a deeper sense of purpose.

(Q) Do my fiancé and I need one copy of Before “I Do” or two?

(A) Couples need two books, one for him and one for her.  Every section is divided into seven days of activity (not necessarily literal days):

  • The first five days are designed for individual work and personal introspection.  In just 10-15 minutes, each day’s assignment teaches or reveals a new concept, skill or idea.  
  • The sixth day is designed for the couple to get together and share what they have learned, as well as discuss some questions. 
  • The seventh day is reserved for the couple’s time with a Marriage Investor (clergy or older couple they meet with) to further share what they learned individually and together, and the Marriage Investor can facilitate a deeper conversation on practical and/or Scriptural application. 

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(Q) Do we need to meet with a Marriage Investor on the seventh day?

(A) No, but it is recommended.  There are hundreds of churches, organizations and counselors who are passionate about helping couples like you prepare for marriage –and- who use Before “I Do” for their marriage prep program. 

>> View a list of Before “I Do” Providers to find a Marriage Investor near you.

(Q) Is there a test or survey we can take in addition to going through Before “I Do”?

(A) There is an online relationship inventory we have on this site (powered by the makers of Prepare/Enrich) to help couples identify their relationship strengths and growth areas. It works well with Before “I Do”.

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(Q) How is Before “I Do” different from other pre-marital books?

K. Jason Krafsky pools his experience as a pastor and knowledge as a relationship educator to create a dynamic workbook for today's engaged, pre-engaged and newlywed couples. Designed with a visually appealing layout, thought-provoking questions, and in-depth content, Before "I Do" is packed with practical insights, Scriptural principles, and must-have relationship skills.

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(Q) So, is Before “I Do” a book for religious people?

Before “I Do” was written from a Christian worldview, cites Bible verses and applies Scriptural principles.  However, it is not conveyed with a heavy hand or in a way to force people how to think or convince them to become something else.  We have heard from a number of non-religious people who have benefited from and really got a lot out of Before “I Do”.  We’ve also heard from religious people who found the concepts and language refreshing and insightful.  The goal is not for couples to agree with the author…it is to help them identify where they as a couple have agreement (or disagreement) on their future marriage.

(Q) What if my mate is not interested in going through a premarital program?

You could go through Before “I Do” on your own.  It will be helpful for you to learn what you want and need in your future marriage and spouse.  But before purchasing a copy of the book, you may want to read an article written by K. Jason Krafsky.  You may want to encourage your mate to read it too.

>> Read “A Dozen Reasons Premarital Education is a Must-Do Before the “I Do’s”. 

(Q) What are the section titles of Before “I Do”?

(A) Before "I Do" has eight interactive sections:

       1. Lay the Foundation for a Lifelong Marriage
       2. Discover God's Gift to You - Your Mate
       3. Survive a Positive Identity Change
       4. Fight With Your Mate & Please God Too
       5. Ensure the "I Do's" Last a Lifetime
       6. Walk on the Spiritual Side of Marriage
       7. Plan for Your Future Together, Together
       8. Prepare the Marriage Bed for a Lifetime of Pleasure

(Q) Is Before “I Do” a reading book or a workbook?
Both. Before “I Do” is designed with unique page layouts, to ensure couples find the material and exercises fresh and inviting.  Combine the two-color pages, the attractive layout, the engaging content, and freshly worded concepts … Before “I Do” keeps couples motivated to learn more about themselves and their mate. 

>>View a number of actual pages from Before "I Do" and see for yourself. 

(Q) Do you recommend other books and resources?

Yes.  In the Go Deeper section of this website find over 100 books, links and resources on a variety of topics and issues essential to live the Full Marriage Experience.

>> View the Go Deeper section with 100+ relationship-enhancing resources.

(Q) What do couples who have finished Before “I Do” say about the workbook?

“We believe that K. Jason Krafsky’s pre-marital program is an invaluable first step for all marriages.  The best part of Before ‘I Do’ was how it brought up subjects that we wouldn’t have necessarily thought to discuss.  We were able to discuss issues, come to agreements, and prevent possible future arguments.”  M & J

>> Read more endorsements and testimonies from couples.

Before “I Do” is more than just a good book to read before the wedding. Before “I Do” gives couples a vision that will reduce their chances for divorce, increase their chances for a healthy, lifelong marriage, and make a difference in their marriage for years to come. Couples will prepare to live the Full Marriage Experience ... Before "I Do".


Order Before “I Do” Online and Save 20% on His & Her Copies 

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