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Before "I Do" Blends Relationship Skills, Proven Insights, and Scripture
Before “I Do” helps engaged, pre-engaged, and newlywed couples discuss issues, learn relationship fundamentals, and attain the skills to live the Full Marriage Experience.  Before “I Do” integrates proven relationship insights, Scriptural references, and practical relationship skills.  Written from a Christian worldview, Before "I Do" displays a complete picture of what marriage is intended to be, and how to get there. 

Before "I Do" Opens the Door for Honest, Purposeful Dialogue
The author makes no assumptions of who the readers are, what they believe, the family they were raised in, or the quality of their pre-marital relationship.  Readers are welcome to disagree with any of the content in this book.  But, while it is all right to have a difference of opinion with the writer, it is vital for a couple to be in full agreement on all things marriage. 

Before "I Do" Fosters a Positive, Dynamic Pre-marital Experience
Couples benefit greatly by the topics covered, the issues raised, and the questions asked.   In addition to being filled with useful information, Before “I Do” engages readers to interact with the material, and more importantly, their mate. 

Both the man and woman need a book of their own.  Each section is divided into seven days.  The first five days of material is for each person to complete on their own.  On the sixth day, the couple gets together to discuss the questions, material, and exercises they completed on their own.  The seventh day is reserved for the couple to meet with a Marriage Investor (clergy, counselor, or leadership couple who meet with the engaged/pre-engaged couple to discuss material in the book). 

Before "I Do"
Prepares Couples to Live the Full Marriage Experience
Before “I Do” is designed to help couples discover more about themselves and their relationship than they know now.  The book is adjustable to fit the schedules, the circumstances and fast-paced lifestyles of any couple.

After completing Before “I Do”, couples will be prepared to live the Full Marriage Experience.

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