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Section Seven – Plan for Your Future Together, Together

Personal & Couple Goals – Finding Purpose in Life – Overcoming Challenges – Financial Issues - Budgeting

Personal & Couple Goals / Finding Purpose in Life
>> The Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren

Overcoming Challenges
>> Divorce-Proof Your Marriage by Gary & Barbara Rosberg
>> Take Back Your Marriage by William J. Doherty
>> How to Survive Your Marriage: by Hundreds of Happy Couples Who Did ... by Hundreds of Heads
>> When Bad Things Happen to Good Marriages by Les & Leslie Parrott
>> Shattered Dreams by Larry Crabb

Financial Issues / Budgeting
>> Debt-Proof Your Marriage by Mary Hunt
>> Money Talks and So Can We by Ron & Judy Blue


>> Crown Financial Ministries (www.cfcministries.com)

>> Ron Blue & Co. (www.ronblue.com)

>> Mary Hunt (www.cheapskatemonthly.com)



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