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If you are a pastor, small group leader, marriage mentor, seasoned married couple, or counselor who acts as a pre-marital education facilitator, consider yourself a Marriage Investor.  

You play a pivotal role in the life of the couple in whose future marriage you are investing.  That doesn’t mean you have all the answers.  Nor do you have to have had the “perfect” marriage.   You simply need to be there for the couple and invest in the health and quality of their relationship.  They need consistency, accountability, and someone who cares about their future marriage. 

Let Before “I Do” Do the Heavy Lifting
Before “I Do” is a dynamic pre-marital guide that helps couples to think about and discuss issues they have probably never discussed before.  The process of discovery, introspection, and dialogue make this a constructive pre-marital experience.  In your time with the couple, focus on key questions throughout the section, and inquire about what they learned about themselves and their relationship.  This helps them articulate what they learned, which is a key step to move the knowledge from the head to the heart.  Check out the "How to Use Before "I Do" in Any Format" info page.

Use Before “I Do” for the Special Circumstances that Arise
Many churches have procedures and timelines for pre-marital education and weddings.  Every once in awhile, “special circumstances” arise (e.g., couple is in a long-distance relationship, or they are long-distance from the church prior to the wedding day) that make that plan impossible to follow.   Send the couple two copies of Before “I Do”, and have them complete the workbook on their own.  You can even arrange regular phone conferences with them to follow up and check in on how things are going.  While it’s not as good as face-to-face meeting, it is better than nothing.

Expand Your Impact with a Relationship Inventory
If you are not using a relationship inventory in your work with engaged and pre-engaged couples, you are making your job a lot harder than it needs to be. The Couple Checkup is an online inventory that helps couples (and you) identify their relationship strengths and growth areas.  PREPARE and FOCCUS are two similar but different relationship inventories designed to help Marriage Investors be more informed on the couple’s relationship, more knowledgeable of their strengths and growth areas, and therefore, more effective in their time with the couple.  Different from personality and temperament tests, the relationship inventory allows you to have a broad assessment on how the couple feels about themselves individually, their mate, and their relationship. All three relationship inventories work hand-in-hand with Before “I Do”

Make Adjustments (if Necessary)
Less is not more when it comes to pre-marital education.  The eight sections in this book focus on the major relationship issues couples should know before the wedding day.  If eight sessions with a couple is just not possible, pick and choose which sections are required and which sections are optional.  Because relationships struggle and deal with different issues, use a relationship inventory to determine a couple’s growth areas.  This will allow you to personalize the required sections on where the couple has the greatest needs.  Regardless of how often they meet with you, encourage the couple to complete the entire book before their wedding day.

Get Help (It’s Just a Click Away)
This web site offers an ever-expanding list of helpful tips, ideas and resources to assist Marriage Investors.  Read the articles and download the tools to help make your marriage prep program the best it can be.  Check out the Go Deeper books and resources.   Register for one of our National Before "I Do" Leader's Certification Trainings.  If you don’t find the answers you need, e-mail us your questions.

Promote Your Pre-marital Services to the World (or at least your area)
If Before “I Do” is your primary pre-marital education tool, promote your church or organization in the National Registry of Before “I Do” Providers.  It’s free, it’s easy, and it’s a no-brainer.  You benefit from the national promotion and sales of this book. This is a simple way for couples in your area to find the pre-marital education they want, and that you can provide.  Your program is listed on the FullMarriageExperience site.  Join today!

Save 20%-45% on Bulk Orders of Before "I Do"
Our goal is to save churches as much money as possible when they order Before "I Do" through our site.  Buy just two books and save 20%Buy 41+ books and save 25%.  Join the National Registry of Before "I Do" Providers and receive an additional discount of 10% on orders of Before "I Do" Resources.  (You get the picture!)

Hundreds of Churches (including some of the nation's most respected and influential congregations) have Chosen Before "I Do" - Preparing for the Full Marriage Experience for their Marriage Prep Program. 
Some use it for couple-to-couple, others for classes, and others for small groups.  They like its versatility but even more, the couples love the content!  They really feel prepared for their wedding day and a lifetime of marriage!   

Let us know if we can answer any questions for you.

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