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Engaged couples spend HUNDREDS of hours preparing for a wedding.
Yet, VERY LITTLE TIME is spent preparing for the marriage.

Before “I Do” Helps Couples Prepare to Live the Full Marriage Experience
in Just 15 MINUTES per DAY!

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"A Dozen Reasons Why Premarital Education is a Must Do Before the 'I Do's'"


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Before "I Do" Creates a Dynamic Experience for Couples
Before "I Do"
helps today's engaged, pre-engaged, and newlywed couples discover the practical insights, Scriptural principles, and must-have relationship skills so they can experience all marriage has to offer.
This 160-page workbook has eight interactive sections:

  1. Lay the Foundation for a Lifelong Marriage
  2. Discover God's Gift to You - Your Mate
  3. Survive a Positive Identity Change
  4. Fight With Your Mate & Please God Too
  5. Ensure the "I Do's" Last a Lifetime
  6. Walk on the Spiritual Side of Marriage
  7. Plan for Your Future Together, Together
  8. Prepare the Marriage Bed for a Lifetime of Pleasure


Before "I Do" is the Premarital Program Many Churches Have Chosen
Churches of all shapes and sizes are using Before "I Do".  Ten of the nation’s 100 largest churches, members of the Willow Creek Association, Purpose-Driven churches, and churches from influential denominations such as, Foursquare, Baptist, Assembly of God, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Church of God, Methodist, Christian, Non-denominational and more.  Why?  Because Before “I Do” is ideal for Marriage Investors (pastors, counselors, small group leaders and mentor couples) to use in any kind of format or setting.  Discover how Before "I Do" can enhance your work with engaged, pre-engaged, and newlywed couples.


Before "I Do" is Endorsed by the Nation's Top Marriage Experts
What do Scott Stanley of PREP, Dave & Claudia Arp of 10 Great Dates, Ron Deal of Successful Stepfamilies, Eric & Jennifer Garcia of Association of Marriage & Family Ministries, Peter Larson of PREPARE/ENRICH have in common?  They all have endorsed Before “I Do”!

“Before ‘I Do’ is a marvelous way to prepare for the greatest journey in life – marriage.  In Before ‘I Do,’ K. Jason Krafsky applies his wisdom and experience to helping couples set a clear destination, check and pack the essentials, leave unnecessary baggage behind, and, most importantly, make the clear decision if they really have the will to make the journey.  I highly recommend his thoughtful and thorough approach.”

Scott Stanley, Ph.D.
Author of The Heart of Commitment


Before "I Do" has Helped Many Marriages Start Off Strong
Only one-in-ten couples who get married receive marriage preparation they rate as “very helpful” to their marriage relationship.  More than half of all couples married by a clergy member receive premarital education.  Here is a quote from a couple who used Before “I Do” for their premarital education.

“We believe that K. Jason Krafsky’s pre-marital program is an invaluable first step for all marriages.  The best part of Before ‘I Do’ was how it brought up subjects that we wouldn’t have necessarily thought to discuss.  We were able to discuss issues, come to agreements, and prevent possible future arguments.”

M & J


Before "I Do" is the Premarital Program Pastors Prefer for Their Kids
People always want to know what professional use when they buy products in their field of expertise: the type of medicines doctors take when sick, the steakhouse restaurants meat butchers eat at, and the type of gum (four-out-of-five) dentists chew.  Here’s a quote from a pastor who has prepared numerous couples for marriage over the years.

“My daughter recently became engaged and I gave her and her fiancé copies of Before ‘I Do.’ (You should consider that as a very strong endorsement!) Your workbook has now become our primary pre-marital tool. We use PREPARE for two sessions and then Before 'I Do'.  It's a great combination.  Thank you for this great resource.”
Pastor Joe Donaldson
Our Savior's Baptist Church


Before "I Do" is Visually Appealing, Mentally Stimulating, and Spiritually Fresh
Each section in Before “I Do” is designed with unique page layouts, to ensure couples find the material and exercises fresh and inviting.  Combine the two-color pages, the attractive layout, the engaging content, and freshly worded concepts … Before “I Do” keeps couples motivated to learn more about themselves and their mate.  View a number of actual pages from Before "I Do" and see for yourself. 


Before “I Do” is Designed for Maximum Impact

Each section is uniquely designed with concise reading material, introspective questions, and easy-to-use charts to ensure couples cover the necessary topics and issues to dramatically improve their relationship. 
Couples need two books, one for him and one for her.  Every section is divided into seven days of activity:

  • The first five days are designed for individual work and personal introspection.  In just 10-15 minutes, each day’s assignment teaches or reveals a new concept, skill or idea.  
  • The sixth day is designed for the couple to get together and share what they have learned, as well as discuss some questions.  Couples should plan to spend 45-90 minutes discussing the section.
  • The seventh day is reserved for the couple’s time with a Marriage Investor (clergy or older couple they meet with) to further share what they learned individually and together, and the Marriage Investor can facilitate a deeper conversation on practical and/or Scriptural application.  This meeting should be scheduled for 60-90 minutes, unless it is part of a class or small group.

Marriage Investors: read helpful articles and download free tools created to help you in your efforts with couples.

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