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The Full Marriage Experience is to married couples what a map is to an explorer, what a nautical chart is to a ship’s captain, and what architectural blueprints are to a builder.  The map, chart, and blueprints are instrumental for their readers to reach their ultimate destination.

The Full Marriage Experience is instrumental for couples to reach their ultimate destination – to experience all marriage has to offer.

Couples need something bigger than themselves in the times of laughter and pain, joy and sorrow, financial uncertainty, health troubles, and real life trials.  By uniting around a common vision for their own marriage, and partnering with the Creator of Marriage, couples can endure through most anything, even circumstances that test their breaking point.      

The Full Marriage Experience results when one man and one woman unite and encounter the following ten ideals during their marriage journey.

E: Exchange a Lifetime Vow of Commitment

X: eXpand the Depths of Love and Intimacy

P: Protect and Nurture the Relationship

E: Endure Through Life’s Highs and Lows

R: Raise and Teach Children

I: Interdepend on Each Other

E: Encounter God Together

N: Nurture Each Other’s Well Being

C: Contribute to the Betterment of Society

E: Empower Others’ Relationships

Millions of couples, hundreds of thousands of hours of research, thousands of years of experience, and hundreds of books (including The Good Book) confirm the Full Marriage Experience

Great marriages are not the result of good luck, finding the perfect soulmate, or waiting for just the right moment.  A great marriage is made, not born.  To achieve a great marriage, couples must go into it with a clear purpose and clear intentions. The Full Marriage Experience is available to any couple that makes the commitment, acquires the knowledge, uses the skills, keeps the faith, and goes the distance!

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